What is it all about!

If you are a small business owner then this is what you’ve been looking for

Biz Buddy, why is it so good?

A bold statement but one you may agree with once you see what it can do!

Let’s start with a truthful statement as that what this tool is all about. We are building data into the system so in the initial stages it may not appear to return great results. This is why it is free until August of next year for all those who sign up by February 2019, no platform starts with a massive userbase it has to grow.

We are building to a sign-up rate of 10,000 active new businesses a month by the end of January 2019, and looking to increase this rate in the following months.

Read on to find out why it is going to be so great and why it is best to start the process now.


It is a totally new twist on an age-old problem for small business – sales

Biz-buddy is all about bringing local businesses back together, about generating more revenue to the local economy by small local businesses using each other. 

There are lots of cases where we do not know that other businesses even exist. As we do not know they exist how can we ever use them?

But what makes this different from other tools

There are a number of elements which make this different, what we do say it that it does not replace other marketing tools you have, what it does do is enhance and add extra value and opportunities to your business.

How does it work in generating leads?

You get an instant notification that a business has matched a service or product you offer to their requirements. You have the chance to respond and if chosen to contact the opportunity to win the business

As an example, someone is looking to set up a seminar. To do this they need a venue, they may also require a marketing company to help promote it, a photographer to take pictures, they may also want some experts to talk at the event. The current way regardless of which system you use it to find each of the business types you require, search through and find those you think might be able to help then contact each one individually. Takes time doesn’t it? 

Our solution

Biz-buddy takes that hassle away, it lets you select all the different business types you need into one group, it then lets you type in exactly what you require doing and tells you how many businesses are going to receive your requirements. You send it across while remaining anonymous.

The business types you have selected all get a real-time opportunity, which they can view your requirements and decide if they can help and is it the type of business they are after.

They say yes, they want the work!

The businesses can now respond to you with their interest in your job directly through the app. As you are anonymous at this point they cannot phone or contact you in any other way.

Due diligence

Those who respond have shown an interest, they have seen your requirements so this is what they are responding to. You can now at your leisure look at those who have expressed their interest in working with you. This allows you to check out their profile, look at their website, carry out whatever checks you feel necessary to make the next choice. That is who will you allow to contact you? Once you have chosen you just click to allow them to see your details and let them get hold of you.

Just one product or service

That’s not a problem;

  • just select the business type you require or type in what you are looking for. 
  • Choose the radius from either
    • Your saved location
    • Current location
    • Map location
  • Type in what you require

You then see how many businesses your request will be sent to if you’re happy, send it if you need to adjust do that then send it!

I have been waiting for a tool like this for ages”
Funding solutions provider – Newcastle

“Free for that long, it’s a no-brainer”
Marketing company – Middlesbrough

“Okay you’ve sold me where do I download”
Membership organisation – Sheffield 

Just some of the comments as we have shown the app to businesses. If you want to know more download and see for yourself.

Supply Chain

We have been in talks with local authorities about how their supply chain works and the issues faced. Working together we have started to come up with a solution which will allow local authorities and larger companies to find micro businesses in local areas to fulfil contracts they have.

Sign up between now and February and get it FREE until August...

Then it is only £4.99 + VAT per month, that’s only 16.5p per day for as many leads as come through.

The earlier you join the longer you get FREE!

Check out what is coming and how you can benefit.

What’s coming next

Biz-buddy is not a one trick pony, it is not a tool that has been developed and now will be left. It is growing with ideas all the time. Feedback from users as to what would be good and what can be changed. We made a comment earlier that it is not about us, but about you! That is so true, the app is open to ideas from businesses, suggestions for features they would like to see. Remember Rome was not built in a day. If we look at current systems on the market they have changed massively over the years as new features are added, and new ways of doing things tested all the time. With all that said we are no different, we have plans to enhance our product over the coming months and years.

One which was requested by many was the ability to have more control over the font and colour, we listened and provided a way of changing the theme from dark to light. Our light theme is built upon standards from the British Dyslexia Association.

Point on map

 This was quite an exciting addition which allows local searching across many areas of the country

Theme Selection

This was quite an exciting addition which allows local searching across many areas of the country

You’ve got an opportunity

Your phone pings there’s another opportunity – but only if you’ve got biz-buddy

Referrals and points

We want to give back as much as possible, so we decided that we are going to introduce a points system. Rather than just giving a free month for everyone you sign up we have decided to reward you with points.

So how do these work?

When you register we provide you with a referral code, you pass this onto other businesses you know and we will reward you with points which you can redeem, the value of the points you get from referring is enough should you want to use for an extra month, but! As we said, we don’t just to want to offer that! We are going to allow you to redeem them against our direct marketing section.

Direct Marketing

This will allow you to choose a location and radius you wish to send an offer out to, you will also be able to select the business types you want to receive it. Any advert sent out will remain in the marketing section for one week. 

So do not miss out on the opportunity to start earning these points, sign up today and start referring.

Membership Organisations

We believe that many membership organisations provide a great service to their members. We want to help members of those organisations as those organisations have helped us.

Surprise months

Every so often we will be running double point months, where any points you earn will be doubled giving you even more opportunities

We will be giving away monthly points to businesses who are members of certain organisations. If you would like your members to benefit from this please get in touch through the support form

We believe in simplicity, our service is an enhancement not an alternative to other marketing. It is totally independent and works autonomously from these. It provides an opportunity for you to be notified that another business is looking for your services, now do you want the business.


It is one of the easiest ways of generating new leads for your services or products

User friendly Search

Find suppliers anonymously and see who can do the work.

UI Elements

Designed with users in mind, its simple clean and well just works!


We provide you with support throughout the whole process

What others have said

“It’s so simple”.
“At that price it’s a no brainer”.
“Wow that’s cool”

Why sign up?

Free until August 2019 then only £4.99 per month. Earn points to be used within the app for marketing and extra free months

Do you want to know more, or do you just have a question

Are you looking for answers to certain questions about the app?
Do you want to know more about how the points will work?
How you can get the most out of the app?
Or maybe you have heard about the local supply chain opportunities and wish to find out more about those?

If you do then click the button and ask your question